About us

Christ United Apostolic Soul winners Assembly

Christ United Apostolic Soul winners Assembly [CUASA] is a full-gospel Christian body mandated to govern territories on behalf of Christ, reverse desolations, raise Christ-conformed champions, groom believers to receive the baptismal measure of the Holy Spirit, train the people of God to live Spirit-governed life, and generally make ready a people for the Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, preparatory to His coming to rapture His faithful ones.

We are vitally united with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as we enforce here on the earth the will of Him, Who created us for His good pleasures.

What We Believe

We have unshakeable trust in the power of God to resolve every challenge confronting each segment of the human family as He uses the partnership between Him and those who are committed to walking and  working with him. Our strength is rooted in the fellowship of the Spirit of God, without Whose leading Christians will be unable to live the supernatural life they have been specifically raised to live.

Therefore, we hold the Word of God as infallible and sacrosanct as we carry on intensive teaching and application of God’s Word in bringing believers to the height of full understanding and manifestation of who they are in Christ by virtue of his finished work. 


To have in every family of all the nations of the world at least one Spirit-governed Disciple of Jesus Christ.


To make soul-winning for Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of our Father, and discipling of Believers the overriding pursuit of our lives.

-To live our life in such a way that will compel people around us to choose to be genuine followers of Jesus Christ.

-To pursue and attain a dynamic and consistent Spirit-directed life as the minimum condition for a meaningful Christian life.


The vision for this work of the Kingdom was handed to Omosebi Emmanuel Adewole. Born Egbodofo Sunday Adewole, he did a change of name in 2007 to reflect his deep convictions based on the light of his new life in Christ Jesus. E.A. Omosebi had BSc (Hons) Finance from the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, West Africa in 2000 and worked in the banks prior to his call into the ministry. He passionately espouses deep intimacy with the Godhead as the bedrock of a meaningful Christian life. The Spirit of God declares through him, “Spiritual shallowness is at the root of failings and mediocrity among believers. The deeper you go with the Spirit of God, the higher you fly and the more victorious you become in life”.