What Is Deliverance?

Deliverance is the spiritual experience of having one’s expectations granted through the intervention of God as a result of deliberate and earnestly application of provisions of the Scriptures, especially under a distinctive operation of the Holy Spirit. It is said to have taken place when:

  • satanic activities in any matter are summarily stopped;
  • demonic powers are defeated

When to seek Deliverance

  • If you are unable to make progress in life despite working hard and doing more than what others do to achieve remarkable success;

  • meet with failure where superlative success should have been the result;
  • experience constant harassment from wicked powers in the dream

How To Obtain Deliverance

Part of the reason the Lord raised this commission is to help people secure emphatic victory over evil forces in every facet of their lives. In view of this, we make ourselves available to you in your quest to come out of every condition that is not in tandem with the will of God for you as you embrace divine provisions for deliverance. Contact us now for details. Remain blessed!